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We believe community-led is the ‘next big thing’ for how creators, startups, and enterprises grow, but...

today, community managers lack the understanding of what really happens inside their audience and what value it brings to the business. That is why we’re building AhoyConnect - a community data intelligence platform enabling organizations to understand, grow, engage, automate, and derive value from their audiences.

Remote work culture

Asynchronous communication
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Slack, Zoom, GoogleMeet, Loom & Around. We chat in real-time but also async. There are no expectations for immediate replies; people will reply when they can :) Some teams have regular video calls.

Company retreats
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We run retreats (both before and after covid) – e.g., we've spent more than a month in Southeast Asia with the whole team and we're just back from a productive week in sunny Mallorca! ☀️

Flexible hours
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Flexible working hours and environment, believing in asynchronous yet collaborative work, having as few internal meetings and procedures as possible 🙂

We don’t have set working hours although our Engineering & Product team hours need to overlap (10am to 3pm CET). People can set their status as ‘focus time’ so that they are not interrupted by constant pings. There is no issue with running errands during the day, this is encouraged!

Light meetings
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We have a few standing meetings, with smaller groups (HR/Ops/Finance/CEO). These are usually working sessions on particular initiatives/projects.

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You will have a lot of flexibility and autonomy - we trust you to tell us how things should be done, not the other way round.

Open communication
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We are a fully remote team that values transparency, clear communication, and the discussion of facts and opinions, and we strive to create an environment where all team members feel empowered to take initiative, experiment, learn from mistakes, and share opinions freely.


Remote jobs at AhoyConnect

Remote team locations

AhoyConnect is working remotely from 6 cities like London, Los Angeles and Berlin across 8 countries like Czechia, Poland and United States.


Community Data Intelligence Platform
🌃 11 cities
🌎 8 countries
⌚️ 4 timezones

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