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Almanac is a platform for async work. Built for modern companies, distributed teams, and the world's most productive people.

Remote work culture

Asynchronous communication
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Our team at Almanac is fully distributed around the world and works with an async-first mentality. Async communication allows teammates more time to do deep work and get into flow. It also tends to produce more thoughtful direction & feedback as you are provided time to crystallize your thoughts.

In practice, that means we:
- Dedicate a majority of our time to accomplishing our goals via async work.
- Ruthlessly remove unnecessary standing meetings and check-ins if not absolutely necessary that they are synchronous.
- Create, share, and update documentation as our primary source of truth.
- Use workflows instead of meetings to ask for feedback, request approval, share out information, or updated documentation.
- Don't expect coworkers to reply immediately to pings or requests.
- Regularly update task boards and KPIs so coworkers can see progress and blockers without status updates.
- Have a quarterly "Async Week" with zero synchronous meetings.

Asynchronous communication is how we keep up in a way that respects team members' time and prioritizes productivity.

By no means are we perfect at async, but these practices and processes have given us the ability to achieve so much more than we could have otherwise.

Company retreats
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Once every 3-6 months, we will gather the entire company for a retreat in a fun, beautiful place (Mexico City, Paris, Barcelona). These retreats are both to collaborate in-person on important company-wide priorities, and to get to better know and enjoy each other as people.

Daily standups
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We have near-daily functional team standups for work syncs, and weekly all hands meetings to keep you integrated culturally.


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Almanac is working remotely from 6 cities like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles across 8 countries like United States, United Kingdom and Canada.


The OS for the future of work
πŸŒƒ 15 cities
🌎 8 countries
⌚️ 8 timezones

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