Bevy Labs

Bevy builds community in real life
πŸ™ 19 locations
🌎 6 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members
Bevy builds community in real life. Rest easy as you host thousands of community events.

Bevy Labs is the best way to manage, scale, and track your community events and its impact. With Bevy, your organizers are able to run everything on their own with events, emails, and sponsors all built in. You can finally add more cities and get data on how to better run your community. Bevy helps show your growth in real time to prove the impact on the business.

Remote workplace

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107 remote teams β†’

Two annual retreats


Remote team locations

Bevy Labs is working remotely from 19 cities like New York, San Francisco and Seattle across 6 countries like United States, Canada and Argentina with the average temperature of 4Β°C.

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