My salary as a full-stack developer

Our team lead called me today and asked to start logging my hours. This got me thinking about my salary.

I hadn't really thought about my price. My days a flexible, and I can mostly choose my own hours.

I have a lot of experience with writing code, and I've built 99% of the platform I'm working on, so I can finish my tasks quickly.

This leaves me a lot of free time that I can spend with my friends and family.

But now that I need to log all my hours, I started thinking about my price as a developer.

My current salary

I'm currently making 6,000 USD per month. After paying my taxes, this leaves me around 3,000 USD to spend each month.

So my hourly price is $18.75/h after paying my taxes ($37.5/h before taxes).

I'm working as a contractor. This means that I don't have any benefits at the company. For example, I don't get vacation time, and I pay for my health insurance. I also bought my laptop, cover co-working space expenses, etc.

My skills

I have 15+ years of experience in writing code. My last position before the current company was being the first technical employee in a startup that grew from 4 to 50 employees in 4 years.

I wrote a big part of the platform that mediated millions of dollars per month and was used by hundreds of thousands of people.

I'm good at what I do, and I know that.

My salary at that startup was $10,000 per month before taxes + 1% equity, but that was 7+ years ago, so the money was worth more back then.

Fun story: I actually quit after burning out in 4 years, but they bought me back by writing me a check of $150,000. It was not a good idea to go back. I burned out again.

At the current startup, I'm working on a Laravel web application that I've built for them. I would say it's rather complex: it needs to have high availability, communicates with external API-s, etc.

What should my salary be?

I feel that $37.5/h before taxes (18.75/h after taxes) is too low for a developer with my skills.

And now that I have to log my every hour to a specific task, I want to review my salary.

Can you help me figure it out?