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How to Find a Remote Job You'll Love

Do your research before joining a remote team to see if you would be happy to work there. Companies offering remote jobs can have very different remote cultures.

Although it can be a challenge to land a remote job, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the job carefully to be sure that you will really love it.

Remote companies and their work cultures can be different, so it’s reasonable to do some research before joining a remote team.

Learn about the remote company you’re planning on joining

All job descriptions are mostly limited to the requirements and won’t give you any knowledge of the company and its culture.

As we spend most of our days working, wouldn’t you want to know more about how your future remote work life will look like?

For example, it would be useful to know if the remote company has developed a remote-first culture or are they hiring their first remote team members? While joining a remote-first company you can be more confident that they have developed a mature remote culture, but it can also be fun to be one of the first remote team members and help to build the culture yourself.

Remote-first companies

Remote jobs with benefits

The most important benefit is probably health insurance, but there are much more remote work benefits that can be useful when you start your work outside the office.

There are remote jobs where companies pay for your coworking space and buy you a new laptop, and also remote jobs where you’ll meet your team every year on a retreat.

One of the biggest benefits of remote work is often considered to be the flexibility to plan your own schedule so that you can live your life more freely – starting the day with a gym, playing with the kids in the afternoon and meeting friends for an extended lunch are just some of the ways remote jobs with a flexible schedule can make everyday life more enjoyable.

Remote teams in your city

While there are a lot of positive sides to remote work, there can also be some struggles. One of the most discussed struggles is loneliness – 19% of the State of Remote Work respondents rate loneliness as the biggest struggle they have to deal with while working remotely.

It can be helpful to work from a coworking space or a coffee shop just to be around physical people and not a representation of people on a video call, but it would be even better to work in a remote team that has members in your city!

This is why RemoteHub is mapping the locations of remote companies so you can find remote jobs with members in your home city.

That leaves you with all the bonuses of remote work, but adds some of the social benefits of colleagues! You can either meet your workmate in a coworking space to discuss ideas, problems or just work together, or even better- just go out for a cold beer!

Another added bonus in some remote companies is travelling for work! Some remote companies see that having only video meetings doesn’t compare to the creativity of face-to-face meetings. That’s one of the reasons some remote companies are spending $100k+ to fly their remote teams out from all over the globe for some face-to-face quality time. Events like that unites team members from all parts of the world and sharing ideas and thoughts helps companies grow in all ways possible.

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