Our startup has money in the bank for the next two months

Remote Hunt is my side project. I'm also a CTO in a VC-funded startup, and today I learned we have money in the bank for the next two months.

We're a team of six. Two co-founders, two developers (including me as the "CTO"), and 2 marketing people.

And this has happened before. Twice. We already ran out of money twice.

From one round to the next

This is what our life has been. From one round to the next. We raise some cash, continue working on the product. Repeat.

And I'm sure a lot of startups are like this. Some of them will work out while others don't. This is how startups work, right?

Investors = responsibility

But OK, here we are. We took money from Venture Capitalists, and now we have a responsibility. We need to "make it."

And the goal is not to build a calm and profitable company but to have exponential and unrealistic growth. All these numbers in the pitch.

Our team and their families are depending on us. Investors have their expectations. So it's hard to quit. But also, we still believe in the product.

We push forward until we succeed.

At least that's the plan right now. Maybe it's a good thing? Otherwise it's so easy to quit that a good product will die?

Bootstrapping vs VC

I'm a big fan of bootstrapping. And prioritizing profitability from day one.

But sometimes it seems that VC-backed startups are not thinking about profit as much as they should.

"We need to finish this new feature, and then we'll start selling."

I hear this often.

What's next?

Our co-founders are raising the next round of money. But I have a feeling that they can't close it in the next 2 months.

I mean, this has happened twice already. One time, I was without the paycheck for 3 months.

So I continue working on these new features in my VC startup.

But at the same time I work on my own boostrapped Remote Hunt. It's growing every day, and I'm making my first revenue.

I work from my home office. You can't see my bed from the photo (which is next to my desk) 😀. Before the pandemic, I often went to the public library or a coffee shop to work, but these days I'm 100% at home. Did I mention I have two little adorable daughters?

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