How Much Money I Spend While Building RemoteHub

When building a startup as a solo founder, every dollar needs to be well considered before actually spending it. This is how much I currently spend every month to keep RemoteHub running.


I’m hosting RemoteHub on DigitalOcean which I chose for it’s super simple server launch and intuitive user interface. I’ve been using AWS for some of my client projects and it’s so much more complicated compared to Digital Ocean. I think there’s just too much stuff I don’t need.

This is what I currently have on Digital Ocean:

1. Shared CPU with 2 vCPUs that has 4GB of memory and 80GB SSD disk = $20/mo

2. Managed PostgreSQL database with 1vCPU and 1GB of RAM and 10GB of disk (that’s the cheapest they have) = $15/mo + $4/mo for backups = $19/mo

Total = $46.80/mo (including 20% sales tax $7.80)

I could save some money here if I’d set up my own database. Not that hard to set up, but then I’d also need to set up backups and do some occasional maintenance.

I really like DigitalOcean’s database backups with point-in-time recovery, which means if anything should happen with my database, I can go back to the latest backup bascially with one mouse click.


I send all my emails with MailGun and I didn’t pay anything for a long time – they had 10k emails per month for free and I’m now sending around 2,000 emails each month.

As they’ve recently changed their pricing, I’m now paying around $2/mo which is still super low.


I’m using GSuite for my emails. I really love Gmails interface and with GSuite I can use it with my custom domain.

I’ve set up two emails (rauno + hello at remotehub) and so I pay 2 x $6/mo = $12/mo (which is 10.40 EUR as on the screenshot)

Remote Health

I have my health insurance set up with Remote Health where I pay $165/mo for a worldwide coverage.

Server at DigitalOcean = $46.80
Emails with MailGun = $2
GSuite email inboxes = $12
Remote Health insurance = $160

Total = $220.80 per month

Rauno Metsa
Founder of RemoteHub
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