Which tools your remote team is using?

Remote teams have been adding hundreds of tools to their profiles on RemoteHub. I’ve now rebuilt the tools page to learn more about how exactly these companies are using the tools in their everyday life.

A few months ago I wanted to know which tools remote teams on RemoteHub are using. So I built a simple tools section where managers can add their tools.

And 100 remote company managers listed almost 400 tools they’re using in their everyday work as distributed teams.

Even "famous" remote companies like GitLab, Doist and many others added their tools.

In my discussions with these managers I learned that it’s not very important which exact tools we use when working remotely, but rather how we’re using them in our workflow.

I think it can be helpful to see which tools remote team is using for people looking to join their team. For example, a developer who likes GitLab (or Jira, I mean some people may theoretically like Jira) is happy to see that the team of interest has integrated the tool into their workflow.

And also it can be a inspirational for other companies, especially those who are just starting to work remotely, to maybe use the same tools as teams who have’ve been testing a lot of tools to come up with the right flow for their team.

New tools section

I’ve now rebuilt the tools section that remote teams can use when editing their profile. Old was a bit clunky... 

Clicking on the search field, I suggest a TOP 5 most used remote work tools by companies on RemoteHub.

And when you start typing in the tool name, you can pick it from the list.

If this tool doesn’t exist on RemoteHub yet, I let you add it. I’ll soon review your tool and add some additional info, like a logo and short description to it.

How remote teams are using these tools?

Same tools are been used for different purposes, and in many different ways. Teams can now add a short description about how they’ve integrated these tools in their everyday workflow.

How to find the best remote work tools

I’ve made a separate page on RemoteHub where you can see the list of all remote work tools that companies have added to their profiles. I’ve also organized them into categories like communication, project management, video meetings and more.

Browse around and see which tools remote companies are using. As I gather info from managers about how they’re exactly using these tools, I’ll also update the tools page in the future.

If you’re a remote company with a profile, just log in and go to Edit company → Tools to add and describe your tools. If you don’t have a company account, just create a free profile here.

Rauno Metsa
Founder of RemoteHub
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