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States Competing For Money In Motion

People are moving out of high-tax states, often to states like Florida or Texas that do not levy state income taxes.

Gonçalo Hall · Founder of the Remote Work Movement Podcast · 3d

Europe’s ‘first’ digital nomad village to open in Portugal in February

“I’ve been to Bali. I’ve been to Thailand. I’ve been to all digital nomad paradises. But when I visited Madeira, I was blown away and immediately saw the potential there. It’s just stunning. It’s incredible.”

Helsinki, World's First City as a Service is Not Just a Joke - Attracts Over 6500 Applications From +100 Cities

Helsinki and some of Finland's most renowned tech companies launched a talent attraction campaign in September branding Helsinki as the world's first City as a Service (CaaS). The campaign reframed the value that Helsinki offers to its "users" (current citizens) and potential "demo users" (tech professionals looking to relocate) using familiar vocabulary and tone of voice for international tech professionals. The campaign received close to 7,000 applications of tech professionals interested to relocate to Helsinki.

Ott Vatter · 2mos

Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa is here!

Estonia has already transformed the way a country serves people beyond its borders through programmes such as e-Residency. Now with the Digital Nomad Visa, Estonia is transforming how people in the world choose to work.

Kristin Musulin · 2mos

Tulsa Remote lures in Bay Area techies

Nearly 600 of those applications have come in from the Bay Area, which is now the program's biggest market. Several San Franciscans — many of whom work for tech giants including Apple, Amazon and Google — have moved forward with the relocation to Tulsa.

sarah holder · 2mos

The Great Tulsa Remote Worker Experiment

The first class of hand-picked remote workers moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in exchange for $10,000 and a built-in community. The city might just be luring them to stay.

Kevin Jalbert · 2mos

Working From Home: Family, I'm Busy Now

My home office is in the basement. During the day, my wife is caring for our two children (3.5 years and 6 months old). She occasionally needs my help for a few minutes here and there. From a timing perspective, I do take breaks, but they might not 100% lineup with when she is seeking assistance/relief.

carabros · 2mos

How to Escape to the Countryside and Work Remote

Wild, original, surprising, uncurated — this is how I would describe my day-to-day work-life. No, I don’t live in a bustling metropolis (though I did for some time). I live and work in a rural place. In 2018 I made the leap and moved from a large, East Coast metro to a small New England town of 1800 people.

Fernando Nikolic · 2mos

Keeping a shared decision log

If you manage a team, you see recurring challenges coming from the same source: the complexity of processing an overwhelming amount of information.

Luke Kent · 7mos

The pull of jobs in the city has hollowed out rural areas, but shifting to remote work would breathe new life into these communities

Many young graduates from rural areas would jump at the chance to stay put and pursue their careers remotely, rather than facing crippling rents in Dublin, or a crippling commute.

Companies must pay share of rent for employees working from home

Switzerland’s top court has ruled that employers are required to contribute to employees’ rent payments if they are expected to work from home.

Kavir ✌️ · 7mos

The Product Stack to Take You Towards Remote Work Nirvana

The remote stack that I use right now focuses on async communication. Docs are an integral part of a fully-remote setup and especially if you’re across timezones.

Post COVID-19, Coinbase will be a remote-first company

Coinbase will be a remote-first company after COVID-19 restrictions are over.

How coronavirus could change your office space and remote work from home

The pandemic pushed millions to work from home. Many of them will go back to a different office, and many will continue to work from home. Future offices will have voice tech to remove the need to push a button. There will be more space between people. A new MIT report says that 34% of Americans who previously commuted to work say that they were working from home by the first week of April. That's the same percentage of people who *can* work from home according to University of Chicago publication.

Want to Know How to Get a Remote Job? I Asked 30 Remote Companies - This is What They Said

I know it can be super hard to get a remote job. And now this coronavirus! I wonder if companies are hiring at all? Well of course we don’t know what COVID-19's effect will be in the long term, so we can only see what’s happening right now. But I’ve been looking at remote jobs posted on the most popular job boards, and currently I don’t see much change other than this weird jump on Stack Overflow a few weeks back. I don't know what was up with that. There’s maybe a slight decrease in new job posts, but it didn’t drop a lot when the world went to a lockdown. And there are probably more companies who were forced to stay at home and will continue to work and hire remotely. Here's the live graph: What do you think?

Input Output "IOHK" is a fully decentralized company, we operate in over 16 countries with approx 220 staff, all working remotely with autonomy, I have not witnessed any change in our recruitment plans
David Rountree Technical Recruiter @ IOHK - · 9 months ago
Remote-first or hybrid companies are likely to be a bit more resilient to the impact on their business, therefore, continue operating as normal in terms of recruitment. Most of the other organisations are holding their breath to see how all his pans out and are not as, shall we say, eager with progressing candidates through their recruitment process as they would normally. The longer the lockdowns continue, the more will companies have to convince their employees, who have proven they can be equally if not more productive WFH, to go back to the office. Depending on the scale of the economic fallout organisations might be in favour of remote working more than ever before as it will allow them to save on one of their main overheads - office space costs.
Lech Guzowski Builder of empowered remote teams and company cultures · 9 months ago
Once the pandemic is over, we don’t necessarily have to return to the old ways of working. Remote work is indeed the future, and, even though we were forced into its loving embrace a tad bit faster than we have expected, once we started getting a hang of it, there’s no reason to stop. As a company, once the change comes, we will have an advantage over our competitors who will still be clinging to stationary work with higher maintenance costs and lower productivity. Remote companies are currently still hiring and the interest among candidates is higher than ever before. Smart companies will notice this and those that won't... will be left out far behind the "new reality" which is coming.
Nadia Harris Founder of · 9 months ago

Working From Home with Kids: 21 Tips From Our Remote Team

Team @buffer shares a lot of great tips on how to work from home with kids. I'm working from home with my two daugters, and it's super fun!

I think one of the best tips is this: Be fully present in your current activity.

It means that when you're with kids, be with kids. When you work, concentrate on work. Though I'm not following this advice too often myself as I'm often working from my kitchen table and kids run around, ask questions, we talk, I help them.
Rauno Metsa Founder of RemoteHub · 9 months ago

The Remote Work Report by GitLab: The Future of Work is Remote

2019 was the first year I did 🏆 Remote Work Awards on @remotehub!

While these other reports have been focusing more on people working remotely, I'm focusing more on companies (and their managers).

Just to give a perspective from the remote management point of view. And it's called "Awards" as it recognizes some leading remote companies who have done a great job promoting remote work.

I should probably already start preparing the 2020 report 🤔
Rauno Metsa Founder of RemoteHub · 9 months ago
Many remote companies are doing these reports about remote work – like @buffer, @fyi, @hubspot and others. @gitlab has been talking a lot about remote work and glad to see this recent report from them! 👏

The report again confirms the best benefits of remote work:
🗓 Flexible scheduling
🚗 Lack of commute
💰 Cost savings
💕 Able to care for family and pets
🧘‍♀️ Reduced anxiety/stress
Rauno Metsa Founder of RemoteHub · 9 months ago

23 Essential Tips for Working Remotely

A lot of great tips here! I think one of the most important things when you work from home – you *have to* brush your teeth before coffee! Or you'll be reminded by your evening brushing that you forgot to brush in the morning 😁
Rauno Metsa Founder of RemoteHub · 9 months ago

Slack adds 7K customers in 7 weeks amid remote-work boom, besting its preceding 2 results

Slack added 5K customers last quarter. And now 7K customers in 47 days! 📈

But what came as a surprise to me, is that there's this huge product called Microsoft Teams that I wasn't heard of (I'm a Mac guy). And it has gained 12M active users in 7 recent days! 🤯 Teams now have 44M active users which is a lot more than Slack's 12M.

So... remote work tools are seeing some huge growth recently. I wonder if smaller products see growth too?
Rauno Metsa Founder of RemoteHub · 9 months ago