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Want to Know How to Get a Remote Job? I Asked 30 Remote Companies - This is What They Said

I know it can be super hard to get a remote job. And now this coronavirus! I wonder if companies are hiring at all?

Well of course we don’t know what COVID-19's effect will be in the long term, so we can only see what’s happening right now.

But I’ve been looking at remote jobs posted on the most popular job boards, and currently I don’t see much change other than this weird jump on Stack Overflow a few weeks back. I don't know what was up with that.

There’s maybe a slight decrease in new job posts, but it didn’t drop a lot when the world went to a lockdown. And there are probably more companies who were forced to stay at home and will continue to work and hire remotely.

Here's the live graph:

What do you think?

Once the pandemic is over, we don’t necessarily have to return to the old ways of working. Remote work is indeed the future, and, even though we were forced into its loving embrace a tad bit faster than we have expected, once we started getting a hang of it, there’s no reason to stop. As a company, once the change comes, we will have an advantage over our competitors who will still be clinging to stationary work with higher maintenance costs and lower productivity. Remote companies are currently still hiring and the interest among candidates is higher than ever before. Smart companies will notice this and those that won't... will be left out far behind the "new reality" which is coming.

"even though we were forced into its loving embrace a tad bit faster than we have expected"

Haha, well said! :)

Always happy to hear from the industry experts that companies are hiring! And stats also confirm this:

I do see quite many emails from people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 consequences. They are now looking for a remote job, but many of them doesn't have skills for remote jobs that are being offered today (mostly in tech, marketing, design etc).

I wrote about this here:

Remote-first or hybrid companies are likely to be a bit more resilient to the impact on their business, therefore, continue operating as normal in terms of recruitment. Most of the other organisations are holding their breath to see how all his pans out and are not as, shall we say, eager with progressing candidates through their recruitment process as they would normally. The longer the lockdowns continue, the more will companies have to convince their employees, who have proven they can be equally if not more productive WFH, to go back to the office. Depending on the scale of the economic fallout organisations might be in favour of remote working more than ever before as it will allow them to save on one of their main overheads - office space costs.

Yes! And the attention that WFH gets right now in the press! A lof of companies have probably not even thought about going remote as they are always been in the office.

As companies are working from home during the lockdown, this brings up discussions about working remotely.

I continue to think that when economy survives we'll definitely see so many companies going all-remote.
Yes, one thing needs to be emphasised - a lot of companies are doing WFH and not remote. They have simply asked their staff to go home and gave them all zoom accounts basically swapping a physical meeting room for a virtual one without adjusting any of their processes and approaches. That's not enough. So although 'remote' is getting a lot of press at the moment, we need to ensure that business leaders know what remote actually means. Otherwise, when it fails for them, which it will without the right approach, they will say they tried but it didn't work so they are going back to the old ways.
Oh, great point! And this is where remote work consultants can help a lot. Maybe we should put together a list of best practices and try to get attention from the press. I think there are many remote work advocates here who would be happy to contribute.

I think @paulmwatson was thinking about doing a page with remote work resources?

I could even do something on RemoteHub if that would be helpful. Maybe a page with recommendations on how to work remotely. And we can add some filters too. I once did this quotes page where you can also see some advice from remote companies:
I'd be up for that! Getting attention from the press to raise awareness is avery good idea.

Input Output "IOHK" is a fully decentralized company, we operate in over 16 countries with approx 220 staff, all working remotely with autonomy, I have not witnessed any change in our recruitment plans

This is nice to hear! I do believe that as a lot of companies see during the lockdown that remote work is not only a possibility but a great way to work, at least some of them will continue working remotely.

This means there will be more remote jobs available in the future! When the whole economy doesn't collapse and we won't start living in the woods, ha! :)