Should You Sell Your Side Project?

Great Product Hunt comments won't say anything about your startups' future, but it's very motivating to see an interest from a well known investment firm.

A few months after launching RemoteHub on Product Hunt I got an email from a well known investor.

Yes, it's nice to read Product Hunt comments like "great work" and "love it", but I don't think it says a lot about if the product has a chance to succeed.

But when you see an interest from a well known investor, it does feels good. And it should! It doesn't guarantee that your product works out, but at least it validates the idea more than "great work, Rauno".

I think it happens too often that makers get excited about nice comments on the launch day (egos love that, don't they) and after not getting enough traction in the upcoming months project is abandoned quickly. I guess you need to believe in the product yourself enough to keep working on it.

It's quite obvious to me that there's a market for products related to remote work and I have a some sort of vision for the long term, so I'm motivated to work on it. 

I answered the investment firm politely that I have still a lot of ideas I would like to test on the site and so I'm not interested right now, but maybe we can talk in the future. Because you never know. And if I would sell, they would be a perfect investor for my baby.

I'm now thinking that I should have asked for the price proposal though. I didn't ask it because there wasn't too much work into the project yet and I thought it costs so little that there's no reason to ask. But I'm now thinking that it would have been at least interesting to know.