How hackers start their afternoons
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Remote work culture

Asynchronous communication
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HackerNoon pretty much invented HackerNoon (we work remotely from day 1). Since, we rely on Slack, Zoom, Notion, Google GSuite (you name it) to communicate and work together.

We use Slack to talk shop and share memes, Notion to organize our talks and projects (it can be Spreadsheet for some people too), and Zoom to meet up.

Flexible hours
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Flexible working hours across all teams and levels. All employees are encouraged to choose a preferred time frame that suits their lifestyle and schedule ⌚

Open communication
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As a remote-first company, communication is essential. Each of our teams has a regular weekly meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page :) People are free to ping each other for any questions, although there is no expectation for immediate replies!

Work with the founder
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Working together in co-working spaces
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Our team works remotely all around the world, but we will work together if any team members find themselves in the same place!


Remote jobs at HackerNoon

Remote team locations

HackerNoon is working remotely from 6 cities like Denver, United Kingdom and Vancouver across 13 countries like United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan.


How hackers start their afternoons
🌃 21 cities
🌎 13 countries
⌚️ 11 timezones

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