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Work remotely from Helsinki, . There are currently 2 remote companies like Leadfeeder and SafetyWing with team members working from Helsinki.

Helsinki, World's First City as a Service is Not Just a Joke - Attracts Over 6500 Applications From +100 Cities

Helsinki and some of Finland's most renowned tech companies launched a talent attraction campaign in September branding Helsinki as the world's first City as a Service (CaaS). The campaign reframed the value that Helsinki offers to its "users" (current citizens) and potential "demo users" (tech professionals looking to relocate) using familiar vocabulary and tone of voice for international tech professionals. The campaign received close to 7,000 applications of tech professionals interested to relocate to Helsinki.


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There are 2 remote companies with team members in Helsinki like Leadfeeder and SafetyWing hiring in 2021 for remote jobs.

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