5 working from home tips

August 5, 2019

Grace left the comforts of G2’s snack-filled, cold brew-infused, high-rise Chicago office and traded them in for a 30-second morning commute. To her living room!

She’s been working from home for six months now and shares some tips:

Have a routine

Have a bedtime. Have a wake-up time. Brush your teeth before your coffee.

Get out of the house

Find a library, co-working space or coffee shop you like. Even if you’re not talking to people, it’s still helpful to be around them. Head to the city for a few lattes each month.

Prepare for meals

Be proactive about mealtime. Alternative is to forget to eat and get no work done for the rest of the day.

Create a work-designated space

This helps you not to view your entire home as a workspace. Yes, you can still sit on a couch and work, but you’ll at least have a spot that’s specifically for work. Helps to focus.

Have hobbies

Full days can pass without speaking to a single human face-to-face. Few things are more isolating. Have a reason to leave your house.

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