8 tips for working from home 🏑

November 7, 2019

HubSpot – a company building marketing, sales, and service software – announced that their company now has more than 200 remote employees globally.

They are another great example of how companies are growing their remote team and embracing the future of work. We recently interviewed marketgoo who have been gradually growing more remote over the last 7 years. First marketing manager, then the whole development team went remote. In 2019, when there were no people left in the office, they closed it to embrace the remote work fully.

HubSpot also seems to be moving towards remote work more and more. In fact, instead of booking a large conference room, HubSpot’s marketing team recently held a remote quarterly meeting.

They spoke with a handful of their remote employees from different departments to get their eight most valuable tips for a good work-from-home experience:

Determine if remote work is right for you
️ Schedule meetings and work hours in chunks
Over-communicate with everyone
️ Plan virtual coffee chats with colleagues
Create an efficient home-working space
Work outside of your house
Prepare for video calls
Don’t forget to take breaks

Interview with remote company


πŸ™ 253 locations
🌎 51 countries
πŸ€“ 501+ members

GitLab is #1 most countries on RemoteHub. By far! Similarily to a lot of companies, they didn't start with a remote team, but evolved naturally as their first team members started choosing to work from home.

Now they have more than 800 team members in more than 60 time zones!

Interview with GitLab

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