Airbnb went fully remote

Airbnb announced they’re going fully remote. What does it mean?

- you can work from home or the office
- live anywhere in your country and your salary won’t change
- live and work in 170 countries up to 90 days a year in each location
- meet for regular team offsites

This announcement brought more than 800,000 people visiting Airbnb’s careers page, confirming once again that there’s a huge interest in remote work (but we knew that already).

One of the important – and also much debated – perk Airbnb is offering is location-independent pay. This means you can move anywhere in the country and your compensation won’t change (Airbnb has single pay tiers by the country for both salary and equity).

But you can also travel to live and work in over 170 countries for up to 90 days a year in each location, which is something rather unique, as the CEO Brian Chesky says:

"Most companies don’t do this because of the mountain of complexities with taxes, payroll, and time zone availability, but I hope we can open-source a solution so other companies can offer this flexibility as well."

As for many companies, the pandemic also proved to Airbnb that being fully remote is not only possible but also more productive.

"We also had the most productive two-year period in our company’s history—all while working remotely" Brian Chesky on Twitter

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