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October 21, 2019

While there are soo many benefits of remote work, there are also some struggles. One of the most popular struggle you hear is loneliness β€“ #2 right after unplugging

This is why I’m mapping remote company locations so that when you’re planning to join a remote team, you can check if they already have members in your home city. 

Then you can sometimes meet your workmate in a coworking space or just go out for an ice cream

Also, video meetings won’t often bring out the creativity of the IRL meeting. That’s one of the reasons remote companies are spending $100k+ to fly their remote team together from all over the globe. It helps to truly get to know each other and bring out the creative.

Many remote companies pay for your co-working space and you can even find remote jobs with paid coworking allowance.

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πŸ™ 6 locations
🌎 3 countries
11-50 members

The team behind do-it-yourself SEO tools started in the office and have been gradually growing more remote over the last 7 years. First marketing manager, then the whole dev team went remote. They now got rid of the office for good to embrace the fully remote setup.

They also share tips how to stand out when applying for remote jobs and give a lot of insights into their remote company – how they measure productivity, where they work from, what's hard about remote work and more.

Interview with marketgoo

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