First words in the community πŸ’¬

October 15, 2019

Yess! First words have been typed! I started by welcoming new remote companies to the community and asked them some questionsHere are the replies:

We’ve been 100% remote since day 1. We get together IRL roughly once per quarter.

– Benjamin from Honeybadger οΈ

Definitely using Yac! We’ve got a public release, it’s just invite only ;)

If you’re struggling to connect with your team over timezones and schedules definitely give Yac a try. You can request an invite on the site and ping me here and I can bump you up the list!

– Justin from YAC 

Geekbot for standups, but only video calls for unpacking complicated features or blockers.

– David from Anti Budget οΈ

What else? I posted a few photos of my workspacesMatt asked about RemoteHub’s tech stack and shared a laptop stand he’s using.

Would be fun to meet you on the new community page! Just say hi on the Introductions channel, share a side project you’re working on or choose any other channel to start your discussion.

Want to know which features the community page has right now? I wrote a small blog post about it.

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