How to find a remote job?

August 2, 2019

So many remote job boards! Like, soo many! I guess it’s probably the most popular side project to do in 2019.

But it’s probably enough to keep hitting the refresh button on some of the most popular sites to see who is hiring right now.

It’s also good to remember that there’s a lot more competition for remote jobs than for jobs in your city. Well, the whole world really!

This means it’s probably not enough to just send your CV. Find out everything you can about the company and impress them. Why not make a video of yourself?

We Work Remotely

Started out as one of the first remote jobs boards more than 10 years ago by Basecamp (they literally wrote a book on remote working), WWR is still one of the most visited remote jobs boards with their 2.5M monthly visitors.

It’s a super simple site that lists remote jobs by categories like programming, design, copywriting, and more.

WWR is also running the biggest remote work community in the world. They write a blog, host a podcast, and there’s a Slack community chatting about remote work.

Remote OK

Made by a famous indie maker Pieter Levels who travels to work from anywhere and bootstraps side projects into open startups, it’s one of the most well known remote jobs sites on the scene.

You will find remote jobs posted directly to Remote OK, but also jobs fetched from Stack Overflow’s remote jobs section.

Pieter has made it possible to search remote jobs by tags and you can also get a daily email with new jobs in categories you’re interested in. You can tweet him when you find a bug and he tweets you back when it’s fixed (if he’s currently working, it may be within a couple of minutes).


Created by ex-Buffer Rodolphe who keeps the quality level up by hand-picking the best remote jobs daily. 

Remotive helps you land a remote job with their community and webinars. It does cost you $99, but remember how much competition you have when applying for a remote role?

One of the most valuable resources if you want to look into remote teams before planning to join them – remote company leaders answer questions about why they are running a remote company, how they hire remote candidates and about managing their remote team.

They’ve also written a lot about remote work in their blog. And they’re getting a lot of press coverage.


There are no jobs on my site yet, but I’m building a database of remote companies so you could get to know them better.

While I saw there are a lot of remote job boards that list available positions, I didn’t find any quick way of looking into these companies. Are they entirely remote or hiring their first remote team members? Do they have daily standups? Health insurance and company retreats?

Founder's comment

Started with my /open page that currently shows a graph with newsletter subscribers. Planning to add more metrics soon.

Also, as you can see when you continue scrolling down, I've added featured teams of the day to this email. I'm trying to feature at least five companies every weekday.

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