How to get a remote job 🎲

October 22, 2019

Doist hired 18 people out of 13,730 remote job applicants. In a year! Crazy competition like this isn’t really motivating, right?

But this is Doist. They are one of the leading remote companies. They write about remote work a lot. They are very popular. 

Not all remote companies get so many applications, but even if there aren’t always thousands of applicants for a remote job opening, there can still be hundreds.

Competition like this means that you need to stand out to get the remote job. I wanted to know how, so I asked remote company managers.

You can read more from the blog post I wrote today, but here’s a quick recap:

Competition is intense, but if you really really want to get a remote job and you have some skillz, you’ll get it sooner or later

Focus on your remote job application, put a lot of effort into it

Be specific about why you want to join this particular team and position

Record a video intro

Turn rejection into a learning opportunity – instead of getting frustrated and sending a distasteful email over a bottle of wine that you definitely regret (both the email and the bottle), ask for a feedback

You can also research remote companies without waiting for them to post the remote job position that would fit with your skills. If you like the company, reach out and tell them that!

Soo... go get that remote job now!

Interview with remote company


As the name suggests, Teamweek is a tool to plan your team's week. They grew out from the same team that builds a popular time tracking app Toggl (they are on RemoteHub too!) and they follow the same great design and implementation that Toggl can be proud of.

Teamweek talks about what they are looking for in a good remote job candidate and how does their hiring process looks like. They also share where they work from, how they communicate, which tools they use (yes, Teamweek is one of them) and they also share some tips for companies planning to go remote.

Interview with Teamweek

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