Learn how to code and find a remote job

July 16, 2019

Remote work is mostly in tech scene right now. Other areas may pick up soon, like finance and management, but currently it’s about writing code or designing apps.

I checked one of the most popular remote job boards We Work Remotely to see that 53% of the jobs are about programming followed by 17% about sales and 8% support.

Programming – 217 (53%)
Sales & Marketing – 68 (17%)
Customer Support – 33 (8%)
πŸ–₯ DevOps & Sysadmin – 31
Design – 22

Product – 15
Business & Management – 10
Copywriting – 11
Finance & Legal – 3

When you’re looking for a remote job, it makes sense to know how to code or design. If you don’t have these skills yet, here are some sites that help you get started:

Codecademy – Join 45M+ (yes, M stands for MILLION) students to learn how to code. These courses have been taken by employees at giants like Google, Facebook and NASA. You’ll get instant feedback as your code is tested as soon as you submit it, so you always know if you’re on the right track.

Skillcrush – They have a set of courses you can choose from to enter the tech scene, like web design, WordPress development, visual design, and more.

freeCodeCamp – There’s thousands of free coding lessons to help you improve your skills. It’s free because of the campers who donate to their nonprofit. You can also earn certificates by completing projects.

Google – Just start googling. I mean, there’s so many free resources that you can use to learn basic coding skills.

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