Mornings are the most productive. Or not

This is an old blog post from Groove, but it illustrates nicely how it is to work remotely:

“Most days, things are simple: wake up, shower, have a bowl of cereal, make a cup of coffee and head over to my desk.”

They got quite famous while blogging about bootstrapping a business with a remote team. You can find Groove also here on Remote Hunt with their 21 cities and 15 countries spanning across 11 timezones.

For some, mornings are the most productive. The energy level that’s available right after waking up (and having a double espresso) can fade quickly with traveling to the office. 

This is why working from home can boost productivity a lot. It may be that these 2 or 3 hours in the morning next to espresso shots are the most productive time of the day and gets a lot of things checked out from the todo list. Then it’s lunch and we all know how the energy starts to fade from there…

But not all people are early birds though. There are also night owls. They wake up way after midday and their most productive time is around midnight.

Either case, a remote job that allows you to plan your own time, work for both.

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