Office workers can’t work at their desk

July 30, 2019
I remember my first coding job 10 years ago. We had an office, but whenever I wanted to really get some stuff done, I just didn’t show up, muted my phone and went to the library instead. I put my headset on and coded until I got everything important done.

There were always some people knocking on my back and asking questions in the office. And someone always wanted to talk to me when I went to the coffee machine. Which is fine! I just couldn’t get my coding stuff done at the same time!

Co-founder and CEO of Aha! talks why remote workers are outperforming office workers:


No distractions and greater autonomy helps remote workers get more things done.


Distance demands more communication. You need to reach out to one another frequently and with purpose.


Well, everyone has some errands to do. Instead of making up excuses, remote workers can design their workday to meet the demands of their lives.

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