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"Synchronous remote is indeed much easier than asynchronous remote. Though you can hire night owls or early birds in other locations, remote teams are partitioned by time zone."

I read this tweet by @balajis and it instantly made sense.

Although I see more companies than ever hire worldwide instead of the US, in reality, they look for candidates in time zones that let them work together with the rest of the team at least some hours per day.

πŸ“ˆ Stats

I wanted to see how much time zones differ at companies on Remote Hunt, and so I calculated "maximum time zone difference":

🟒 0...3h = 208 companies (48%)
🟠 4...6h = 24 companies (6%)
πŸ”΄ >6h = 201 (46%)

But what to make of this? It seems half of you work very closely and the other half with almost a full working day difference, leaving only 24 companies (6%) in between.

All of this led me to explore the idea for a tool that helps people find a remote team where they can work synchronously:

πŸ™ choose your location and see remote companies that have the highest % of locations in your time zone.

It’s on Product Hunt today – if you like it, show it with your upvote here: πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‡

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