Remote work is the new norm

July 17, 2019

DigitalOcean explored remote work within the the developer community and got insights from more than 4,500 developers.

The result? Remote work is the new norm for developers:

🏝 86% currently work remotely in some capacity
33% work from home full time
43% say working remotely is a must-have when considering an offer

One of the most important topics with remote work has to do with "feeling connected" and this also came up in their exploration.

When most of the team is working remotely, it’s probably less of an issue, but when majority of the team is in the office, it can be easy to feel out. Still, most developers said the connection is OK:

71% feel connected
29% say they feel excluded from offline team conversations (what can you do...) or don’t feel integrated into their company’s culture

There are a lot of tools that help remote teams to talk, and Product Hunt surfaces many new almost every week.

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