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If you’re looking for a coding job in tech, which programming language and framework should you learn?

We looked at the tech stacks of hundreds of startups launched on Remote Hunt, and it’s quite safe to say that today’s remote startup is a React app written in TypeScript on a NodeJS backend.

These are the most popular frameworks:

⚛️ React (62%)
🔗 Node (31%)
🛤 Rails (20%)

And languages:

☕️ JavaScript (65%)
🟦 TypeScript (60%)
💎 Ruby (25%)

There are other stacks too, of course. Like Python (16%) and PHP (15%) or Vue (9%) and Next (8%). One could think that more important than knowing some specific framework or language is the ability to be flexible and get the job done with whatever tools are needed. The difference between programming languages is often the syntax that can be quickly googled, right?

Yes, we’ve noticed this from the job descriptions: often you don’t need to know the specific framework or even language, but still, a general experience with "a modern component-based frontend frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue)" is frequently needed.

But mostly – and this seems to be especially true for React startups – you’d need to know the framework itself. We understand this, as it can be quite hard to start working on a React app when you do know JavaScript well but don’t have any experience with the details of the framework itself.

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