The time you save by not doing your hair

July 29, 2019

You’ll save a lot of time when working remotely. And it’s not just the time you would spend on commuting to the office, you’ll also save time by being focused at home and getting things done more quickly, or by not doing your hair like @Madisonkanna cleverly points out:

"Articles on remote work say you save 10 years over time by not commuting

As a woman working remote I just think about all the time I save by not doing my hair, not doing makeup & not deciding on a cute-but-work-appropriate outfit

By my calculations I’ve saved 210 years so far"

Still, @ewarrin has a good point:

"All gains I make not commuting to work are wasted commuting to the fridge and not finding food"

Madison’s tweet has got almost 300 comments, 3K retweets and 25K likes, so people seem to resonate with this.

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