Video intro for your remote job application

August 8, 2019

I was talking to Larissa from marketgoo about how to stand out when applying for a remote role.

She said it well:

"The video intro is definitely a way to stand out, and not many people take that route (even if you suggest it)."

When you’re applying for a remote job, you’re competing against the whole world. You need to stand out.

A short video clip gives a personality to your job application. You’re not a name and maybe a photo anymore. You’re a living person looking to join their team.

Larissa also pointed out the importance of doing your research:

"It should show that you researched the company and speak to how you would add value and fit in to the culture."

Now that you’re in on this little secret, use the advantage and record a video for your next remote job application – and do your research!

Founder's comment

My ️ Hacker Noon story was added to the Top Stories section!

New feature! Remote companies can now add their team members and they will show up on the cities. Shogun, WP Buffs, SafetyWing and marketgoo already using it.

Company profiles now open in modals, I think this makes it's easier to check out the company quickly without moving away from the list.

Added new links to Explore page (well, this is for SEO really, as you already can use these filters on the remote companies page, but search engines won't find these URL-s).

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