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Maybe one of the biggest changes remote work brought us is the ability to plan our days with more freedom.

More than 1/3 of startups on Remote Hunt are working with flexible hours:

"We prefer to let YOU decide when is the best time to start your working hours." – 💍 Slite

"No set hours. Need to take two weeks off? Wanna try the digital nomad lifestyle? Let’s figure it out! If customers are happy, we’re happy." – ⌨️ Discourse

"Team members are expected to communicate when they’re around, but not expected to be around all the time." – 📝 Parabol

Does it mean that people work whenever they feel like working? Yes, for many roles it does!

Exactly how much flexibility is possible depends on the startup and what they are building, but it’s good to see that the general trend seems to be towards more freedom.

Kinsta illustrates this nicely – around half of their 250+ team members can set their working hours, but the other half needs to work fixed schedules because they’re doing things like providing customer support and monitoring our infrastructure.

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