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NextRetreat is a unique platform which streamlines the process of researching the destinations and booking accommodation & workspace for team retreats, offsites and business travel.

Research destinations based on average travel time and price, even if your team members are located all over the world, pick the right venue for your team based on venue size, quality, meeting rooms, internet speed, amenities, and so much more.

On top of that, we guarantee our help with everything from arranging airport transfers to getting your own chef by our kick-ass customer support that we are known for.

We believe in creating experiences that strengthen relationships, build trust and help
bond and unify your team.

Our tool eliminates the need to compare dozens of websites to determine the best retreat location and venue for your team. The organisation process is not time-consuming anymore so you can spend less time planning and more time focusing on your objectives.

After all, retreats are meant to boost your productivity and not kill your time and we completely understand it.

NextRetreat helps bring teams together in inspiring environments offering you a chance to discover not only new places and cultures but also your team members' hidden sides you might have never had a clue about.

Remote workplace

✈️ Company retreats
107 remote teams β†’

Besides organising retreats for other companies, we do annual NextRetreat retreats ourselves.

We know how important team retreats are for a company’s culture and bringing your team together. We have years of experience organising travel for teams, automating the most time-consuming parts, and focusing on what matters most.

 This helps us maintain a healthy company culture and this is what we can help you with, too.

πŸ“Ή Video meetings
10 remote teams β†’

🏒 Working together in co-working spaces
2 remote teams β†’

✈️ Meeting in person
3 remote teams β†’

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NextRetreat is working remotely from 6 cities like Barcelona, Tenerife and KoΕ‘ice across 4 countries like Spain, Slovakia and Czechia with the average temperature of 2Β°C.

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