Building SaaS products
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Niteo is a decade old SaaS studio full of bright ideas, building smart solutions that empower small businesses online.

Remote work culture

Company retreats
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Flexible hours
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Open source
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Over the years we have contributed (to) tens of Open Source projects. The most recent one is OpenAPIv3 integration with the Pyramid framework that we donated to the Pylons organization:

Pair programming
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We see great value in PP, but we're still discovering how to do it better. ATM, we do it in an ad-hoc manner, via zoom. We don't yet have a defined process for it.

Another thing we are doing increasingly more is asking coworkers to "be your rubber duck":

Agile development
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We do 2-week SCRUM, customized to our remote and async way of working. Retros take us about an hour, planning a bit less. We do planning poker as (hidden-by-default) comments on stories, asyncrounously.

Continuous delivery
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Here's a talk about how we deliver value continuously:

Here's a blog post on how we do staging:

We subscribe to mentality.

Daily standups
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Our daily standups are at 10 AM CE(S)T. They usually take less than 15 minutes.


Remote team locations

Niteo is working remotely from 5 cities like India, Philippines and Ukraine across 5 countries like India, Philippines and Romania.


Building SaaS products
🌃 5 cities
🌎 5 countries
⌚️ 4 timezones

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