Panther is the all-in-one platform to employ and pay global teams. We take care of all the heavy lifting involved in international hiring, payroll, benefits, and compliance, so companies can employ incredible people from around the world, and let their employees work from anywhere β€” without any of the red tape.

Remote jobs at Panther


Asynchronous communication
63 remote teams →

Async is part of our day-to-day. We make sure everyone’s on the same page by using remote-friendly apps.

Company retreats
159 remote teams →

2x annual team retreats

Flexible hours
208 remote teams →

Hours don’t define work. What we make of them does. Goals sometimes take 2h to achieve. Sometimes, eight. It’s ok both ways.

39 remote teams →


Remote team locations

Panther is working remotely from 7 cities like United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil across 7 countries like Azerbaycan, Brazil and Spain.


Borderless payroll, compliance and benefits for remote teams
πŸŒƒ 7 cities
🌎 7 countries
⌚️ 5 timezones

Countries (7)

Cities (7)



Tech stack