Remote Companies With Autonomy

35 remote companies with autonomy hiring in March 2023 like jamie, Parabol and AhoyConnect


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We trust each other to make changes, lead projects and take initiative. Our hiring process ends with a paid trial project, and for most team members, that work ships to production, often before their first day. We trust each other to make changes, lead projects and not break anything catastrophic.
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You will have a lot of flexibility and autonomy - we trust you to tell us how things should be done, not the other way round.
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Giant Swarm

Creative work needs freedom and openness. And as with any solution, there is not only ONE way to get to it, but you do whatever works best for you and our company. Due to the organization of our company you can choose your own focus and niche within the team.
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We’re building a company in which team members set their own quality bar, take pride in their workmanship, and are trusted to do their life's best work without supervision.
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Put your skills to use, design your path, and have true impact and influence in shaping something. Down with bureaucracy, hierarchy and micromanagement.
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We're not going to micro-manage you. You'll be trusted to do great work in the way that you think is best. You hold yourself accountable for the success and quality of work produced. We'll be there to give you feedback and support when you need but our working relationships are built in our confidence in one another.
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Everyone can drive, everyone can take the reins, and everyone should be accountable to both themselves and the rest of the team. There is no such thing as β€œit’s not my job”. When you observe a problem, don’t wait for someone to fix it, take the responsibility of fixing it.
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Mark Copy

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The Remote Company

There is no micromanagement, and as a result, each person must take full responsibility for their work. One of our values is that we take responsibility. Everyone has a lot of autonomy and that freedom is tied to being a reliable team memberβ€”even during the hardest challenges.
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Leadership across the company and the opportunity to truly own your work.
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Tiny India

Everybody has the freedom to make an informed decision. All they have to do is to collect enough data to make a decision.
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Autonomy - We have built a mostly flat organization, composed of 30 senior developers with a handful of support staff. You will be working with highly competent individuals who take responsibility for their work, and the same will be expected of you. We belong to self-organized teams, so management doesn’t interfere with our day-to-day responsibilities and leadership is situational. You will lead some projects and join others. You will have a great deal of discretion in the work that you do.
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Poll Everywhere

We embrace embrace autonomy. Recognize your choices and choose. Take responsibility. Seek your own work. Volunteer.
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Product Hunt

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We value independence and don’t micromanage.
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We look for autonomous people. You need to be comfortable at making decisions, prototyping and delivering without somebody standing over your shoulder. You finished what you had on your list - great, suggest what you want to do next and start working on it.
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We value individual agency and ownership β€” which guides our product design and our company’s culture. We believe that an individual’s capacity for growth is far larger than most understand, and we’ve designed an environment to support rapid, continuous learning. Ideas here come from everyone, initiative is respected, and quality matters. We are here to build something special and enduring.
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We understand that we all have lives outside of work, and we want to ensure there is a good work-life balance. However, that also comes with fully trusting each other, communicating well, delivering what we say, and taking full ownership of projects. You take ownership of projects from start to finish and collaborate on key roadmap product decisions.
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We are a team of leaders and hold each other accountable for what we’re working on. We are owners and our job isn’t done until it’s properly working in the hands of customers.
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Everyone works independently and there’s no micromanagement.
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We are a team of "pushers", people who: - want to own their work - like to set their own objectives and develop the means to reach their goals - want to drive the team and our products forward by contributing to all fronts - are driven by passion and love to be accountable for their work If you love to work both sync and async, if you are a team player and thrive by focusing on your work and delivering terrific results you can own, this is a place for you. We rely on effective communication to develop our objectives -both as a team and independently- in the best possible way.
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To thrive in this environment you'll need to have high levels of autonomy and ownership. You have to be resourceful and able to work effectively in a remote setup.
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We’re a strong, inclusive, compassionate team, empowered with all the autonomy and mutual respect it takes to build something great together.
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