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<h1>🙌 Hi! We're <a href=""></a>
<br>...and we're building the next generation of localization solutions for our international customers.<br><br>
<br>We're currently in a phase of rapid development on a variety of backend projects, so we're looking for an agile JS/Node.js Backend Engineer who can deal with a fast-paced environment, and who will play a central role in defining our product offering.<br><br>
<br>There's a lot going on and every day brings a new set of challenges. Today you might be working on an ETL, tomorrow on implementing a feature in our Automation Pipeline. There is never a dull moment.<br><br>
<br>If variety is the spice of life, we're a spicy Ghost Pepper for sure. 🌶<br><br>
<br>We're a small team of experienced developers and entrepreneurs and we work fully remotely.<br><br>
<br>We relish new ideas and there's the opportunity to have yours heard and put into place. We're all about making a real difference. 🙏</div><div><br></div><h1>🤖 Our Stack</h1><ul>
<li>We run 100% JavaScript/Typescript.</li>
<li>We try to leverage many of the services in the AWS ecosystem and are enthusiastic about Serverless, Lambda, and StepFunction. We also use DynamoDB for our database. Some dev-ops experience is a real bonus here.</li>
<li>Our backend stack is Node.js and many serverless micro-services running on AWS.</li>
<li>Our API is a mix of GraphQL and REST endpoints.</li>
</ul><h1>🥇 You should be comfortable with some of these...</h1><ul>
<li>JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Lambda, StepFunction, Serverless framework.</li>
<li>Test: Mocha, Jest, TDD, BDD.</li>
<li>Datastores: DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis.</li>
<li>API: GraphQL, REST.</li>
<li>Serverless micro-services asrchitecture.</li>
<li>Experience with AWS cloud technologies (such as Lambda, S3, IAM, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, StepFunction, APIGateway). Our product is cloud-native and relies on services provided by AWS.</li>
<li>Experience with DevOps (IaC, FaaS, CI/CD).</li>
</ul><h1>😻 You should absolutely work with us if...</h1><ul>
<li>You're open minded and focused on solving real world problems.</li>
<li>You communicate clearly in English, but you also speak another language.</li>
<li>You pay attention to details, and write "I pay attention to details" as the title of your application.</li>
<li>You enjoy learning new technologies, techniques and design patterns.</li>
<li>The words ETL, AST, Parser, Serializers, Lexers don't scare you 🙃</li>
</ul><h1>🔎 The fine print...</h1><div>
<br>We're looking for candidates available at least <strong>35 hours per week</strong>, and located in a UTC <strong>±2</strong> timezone.<br><br><br>
<br>We want a personal relationship, so sorry, NO AGENCIES please.<br><br><br>
</div><h1>✅ How to apply...</h1><ul><li>Email the following to :<ol>
<li>Your CV in PDF format</li>
<li>A link to your Github profile</li>
<li>Tell us where in the world you live</li>
<li>Describe in a few words why you're a pleasure to work with</li>
<li>Anything else...? 😉</li>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>


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