Brand Marketer


Close is seeking a clever Creative Marketer to join our squad. You’re a wiz with words and are skilled at producing punchy, engaging copy that inspires action. You understand that a compelling narrative is the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. Your entrepreneurial spirit and high (but focused) energy allows you to create impact quickly.


  • EXPERT command of the English language (written and verbal), with the ability to write in a wide variety of styles. Must be a copywriting proβ€”masterfully creating value-packed, relatable content with attitude.
  • 3+ years experience working within a tech, agency, or SaaS organization
  • 2+ years in a copywriting or marketing roleInsatiable curiosity about new technologies and SaaS products. You're always up-to-date with the movers and shakers in tech
  • Project management proβ€”can coordinate and juggle a variety of projects from conception through production and ensure alignment with other internal teams (Product, Customer Success, Sales, etc)
  • Can provide work samples of marketing campaigns and copy that have driven impressive results (blow our socks off!)
  • High energy, curious personality, positive attitude, no B.S. approach
  • You’ve been told you’re funny and/or clever...preferably both




🚚 Continuous delivery
We ship code multiple times per day via CircleCI
πŸ”“ Open source
We <3 open source -
πŸ“š Learning & sharing
In our weekly eng video meeting we do "Show & Tells" where we show off something that we recently built, learned, etc.


Team (2)

Remote team in 37 cities and 10 countries

Close is working remotely from 37 cities like New York, Jackson and St. Augustine across 10 countries like United States, Canada and Brazil with the average temperature of 7Β°C.

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