Customer Advocate

Buildkite  β€“ 6mo

<div>When it comes to sales, we believe that our primary job is to help customers solve problems. We have an amazing product that customers love, but we also know that a human touch during the trial process improves the chances of closing a deal. As a Customer Advocate, you will be a member of the Customer Success team. Customer Success is responsible for the entire customer experience, from pre-sales through onboarding and account management, to retention. Your focus will be on pre-sales, where you will help build and execute a process that creates a delightful user experience that leads to more customers signing up for paid accounts.Β </div><div>
<br><br>What Youβ€˜ll Do</div><ul>
<li>Lead qualifying and lead follow-up. Your day to day tasks will include triaging new trials or identified leads and following up on the most interesting ones.</li>
<li>Help customers run successful trials and guide them to converting to paid users by:</li>
<li>Solving engineering problems</li>
<li>Connecting them to the right people to remove hurdles</li>
<li>Navigating security and procurement questions</li>
<li>Automate and optimize existing processes by:</li>
<li>Collaborating with Marketing on the lead conversion process</li>
<li>Collaborating with Product, Support, and Documentation to improve the self-service onboarding process</li>
<li>While the focus is on pre-sales, your functions may include post-sales activities such as:</li>
<li>Renewal of Enterprise annual plansΒ </li>
<li>Sending out overage invoices</li>
<li>Upgrading smaller accounts to the Enterprise plan</li>
<br>Things We Are Looking For</div><ul>
<li>Experience in sales or account management in a technical environment, ideally in the developer tools space. You should be comfortable talking about commercial terms and know how to close deals.</li>
<li>Engineering skills, ideally with some experience with CI/CD. You should be technical enough to set up and use Buildkite yourself.</li>
<li>The ability to understand and articulate customers’ engineering needs.</li>
<li>Curiosity and the desire to improve processes and drive change.</li>
<li>Flexibility, as you will wear multiple hats.Β </li>
<li>You are happy working remotely and are comfortable taking initiative when blocked but you also enjoy being part of a team and collaborating via remote tools such as Zoom and Basecamp.</li>
<br>Timezone: Remote, with overlap with PST &amp; AEST</div><div>Hours: Part-time or full time</div><div>Role Type: Permanent</div><div><br></div>

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