Director of NodeJS/Server-side Development

Bitovi  โ€“ 7mo

<div>At Bitovi, we help clients create better web applications.ย  We advise and consult team members and clients daily to help build complex and high-profile web applications within our consulting practice. ย </div><div>
<br>Our article, <a href=""><strong>Hello Potential Bitovian</strong></a><strong> sums it up very well! <br></strong><br><br>
<br><strong>The Job</strong><br><br>
</div><div>Bitovi is looking for an experienced, architect level, server-side development expert to lead and run Server-side Consulting services for Bitovi. ย </div><div><br></div><div>We want someone who enjoys identifying and simplifying the hard parts of application development, who loves to talk about software architecture, and can teach others. Bitovi primarily works with Javascript, so strong NodeJS experience is preferred. Experience with other enterprise-level server-side technologies is desired.</div><div><br></div><div>We want someone who is willing to jump in wherever needed and be flexible as the day to day will vary from managing projects, clients and teams to executing and ensuring client success to leading internal server-side consulting initiatives.</div><div>
<br><br><strong>What Weโ€™re Looking For</strong><br><br>
</div><div>We are looking for a candidate with the following attributes:ย </div><ul>
<li>Server-side experience developing applications at the enterprise level</li>
<li>Ability to lead a team and perform in a dynamic environmentย </li>
<li>Significant production experience using NodeJS, and knowledge of the benefits and trade-offs of other server-side frameworks</li>
<li>Proven ability to deliver real-world solutions and platforms</li>
<li>Experience working with clients or other stakeholders directly</li>
<li>Doesnโ€™t mind a bit of travel in the future once we are past COVID, averaging 3-5 days every other month.<br><br>
</ul><div>Other responsibilities include:</div><ul>
<li>Participating in sales and marketing initiatives to showcase server-side expertise</li>
<li>Training Bitovi's Developer consultants on server-side best practices</li>
<li>Championing internal strategic projects related to server-side consulting services</li>
<li>Leading and growing Bitoviโ€™s server-side developer team</li>
</ul><div><br></div><div>Specific technical experience:</div><ul>
<li>Strong, working knowledge of server-side technologies</li>
<li>Architecting and building ecommerce platforms</li>
<li>Handling complex scaling issues (sessions, locked lists), tiered caching, sharding data, and sticky load balancing</li>
<li>Developing modern, micro-service-based web applications</li>
<li>Complex systems and API Integrations</li>
<li>Some full stack experience (Deployment, Database, and Frontend)</li>
<li>Competitive salary and yearly bonuses</li>
<li>Company retreats (previously in Boston, Scottsdale, Denver,<a href=""> Las Vegas</a>, New Orleans, and Amelia Island)</li>
<li>401(k) plan with matching</li>
<li>4 weeks of paid vacation</li>
<li>Health, dental and vision insurance</li>
<li>LTD and Life Insurance</li>
<li>Gym membership reimbursement</li>
<li>Paid Maternity &amp; Paternity leave</li>
<li>Working from home with flexible hours<br><br>
<br>Share a resume and a thoughtful introduction (cover letter!) that shows us that youโ€™re the kind of person weโ€™ve described above.ย  Your thoughtful introduction should cover:</div><ul>
<li>Why you are interested in this role</li>
<li>Highlights on specific experience that aligns with what weโ€™re looking for</li>
<li>Something you recently worked on and are proud of</li>
<li>A fun fact about yourself ย <br><br>
</ul><div>Use<a href=""> THIS LINK</a> to apply.*<br><br>
<br>*Please note that we are not interested in working with Recruiters or Hiring firms at this time.ย  All offers are contingent upon successfully passing a background check.<br><br><br><br>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>


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