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Engineering Team Lead


<p><strong>Who are we?</strong></p><br /><p>At Qualio, the engineering department is responsible for the "what" and the "how". "What" as in what should we build for our customers. "How" as in how do we delivery and operate the solution.</p><br /><p>We are a group of independent teams, each with their own vertical area of ownership. We are working together to deliver on Qualio's brand promise - "An easy, scalable and trusted QMS".</p><br /><p><strong>How do we work?</strong></p><br /><p>We are designing our teams to own specific, vertical areas of our application. Teams are made up of a Product manager (PM), a technical team leader and a team of engineers. Owning the vertical means everything - the relationship with the customer through the PM, writing the code and running the cloud infrastructure that it all runs on. Soup to nuts - everything is owned by the team.</p><br /><p>As Werner Vogels says, "You build it, you run it".</p><br /><p><strong>What do we value?</strong></p><br /><p>In order to make this a reality we value a number of things:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Iterative development - Solutions are delivered as a collection of small pieces. No big bangs.</li><br /><li>Test driven development</li><br /><li>Clean code</li><br /><li>Automation in all its forms - tests, infrastructure, build and deploy - everything</li><br /><li>"Done" means it's in the hands of customers</li><br /></ul><br /><p><strong>What's the opportunity?</strong></p><br /><p>Due to growth at Qualio, we need a technical team lead to join one of our teams. We have a new feature area that is growing beyond an MVP. The team has a product manager in place and a team of engineers. What they need now is a technical leader to lead them in making the MVP a core part of the Qualio offering.</p><br /><p>Here's some of the challenges the team has:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Iteratively deliver features in a monolithic code base, all the while moving the team to their own code base with dedicated infrastructure</li><br /><li>Increase the velocity of the team by adding in more automated testing and releasing with zero downtime</li><br /><li>Taking ownership of their own infrastructure, automating it, treating it as code and move towards managed services.</li><br /></ul><br /><p><strong>Responsibilities</strong></p><br /><p>We need someone who will do the following:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Work with the product manager to understand the customers problems</li><br /><li>Lead the team in designing, implementing &amp; delivering solutions to customer problems</li><br /><li>Work with the director of engineering to deliver on engineering goals</li><br /><li>Be a line manager to your team of 3-5 software engineers</li><br /></ul><br /><br /><p><strong>Benefits</strong>&nbsp;</p><br /><p>In addition to playing an important role in building Qualio, you'll receive:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Competitive salary</li><br /><li>Flexible holidays</li><br /><li>Opportunity to make a difference through helping life-saving products to get to market</li><br /></ul>


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