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OnTheGoSystems  β€“ 5mo

<div>Want to build products that millions of people use? Want to be part of an international team, with other bright and creative developers?Β </div><div>
<br>OnTheGoSystems develops the popular WordPress plugins - <a href="">WPML</a> and <a href="">Toolset.</a>Β  We are looking for a highly experienced front-end developer who can work efficiently as part of a remote Team implementing design changes on our sites.<br><br>The candidate we hire will maintain and build upon our existing themes and plugins - from adding/redesigning small things like pages and posts to creating completely new features with custom post types, custom fields and membership roles.</div><div>
<br>As we live and breathe in the WordPress ecosystem, we need candidates highly fluent in WordPress.</div><div><br></div><div>
<strong>Candidates with the skills below would make a good fit for this role:<br></strong><br>
<li>Excellent skills in using HTML5, CSS3/SASS, ES6</li>
<li>Advanced knowledge in WordPress development (themes and plugins)</li>
<li>Advanced knowledge of version control using Git</li>
<li>Advanced knowledge of Bootstrap and responsive design</li>
<li>Working experience with creating email templates</li>
<li>Basic knowledge about SQL databases (MySQL)</li>
<li>Basic knowledge and experience with React and webpack</li>
<li>Basic knowledge of UNIX (installing/upgrading libs, running simple bash scripts, using ssh connections, basic understanding of permissions)</li>
<li>A good level of spoken and written English.<br><br>
<strong>Bonus skills:<br></strong><br>
<li>Excellent GUI design skills</li>
<li>Ruby basics (rails 6, rvm, gems, bundler, routing, RSpec)</li>
<li>Understanding of FLUX</li>
<li>Understanding of CI, Jenkins experience</li>
<li>Basic knowledge about NoSQL databases (DynamoDB, Redis)</li>
<li>JS performance profiling / debugging / optimizing<br><br>
</ul><div>Besides being smart, autonomous and a great developer, you need to be a team player. We maintain a friendly environment, which allows us to be productive and enjoy our work.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>
<strong>What we offer:<br></strong><br>
</div><div>This is a <strong>100% remote position. </strong>Candidates must be self-motivated, focused and organized to succeed.<br><br>
<li>Be part of a team of smart, creative, and like-minded individuals</li>
<li>Work on exciting, high-impact projects</li>
<li>Learn and improve your skills to grow as a professional</li>
<li>Freedom to create and implement innovative ideas</li>
<li>Meet and collaborate with team members across the globe</li>
<li>Full-time and steady position with national holidays and vacation days<br><br><strong>Find out more about us on our </strong><a href=""><strong>job opening page</strong></a><strong>.Β </strong>
<br>Most of our development team is located in Europe. This position is open to candidates who work in the same timezone as us (including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).</div><div>
<br>If you’re interested in joining us, please send your application, and let’s talk.</div><div>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>


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Company retreats
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We normally meet once a year to work and have fun together in some nice spot. This is a very enrichening experience for everyone. So far, we've met in cities like Tenerife, Malaga, Porto, Split and Paphos.

Flexible hours
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Some teams need to have more fixed schedules especially if working in support. But some roles allow more flexibility, like developer or marketing roles. As long as you're present for all your relevant meetings and deliver what is expected, you can arrange your working hours as you find it most convenient.

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