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Frontend API as a service
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Company retreats
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Twice a year we meet for three days for a company retreat

Daily standups
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Our daily standup meeting is just a bot inside Slack. It asks us every morning about our plans, so that our colleagues have the chance to know. In the evening it asks us about results and our mood.

Pair programming
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We often get together spontaneously on a Google Hangouts call. Among other things, it's a good opportunity for pair programming.

Agile development
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We are not dogmatic about the way we work. We use the methods that seem most appropriate for each situation. When we realize that we need more structures, we create structures. Not before πŸ˜‰

Flexible hours
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Flexible working as standard, as long as you are available when needed and your work gets done, you are free to choose your own schedule.

Video coworking
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Sometimes it’s just nice to work together with others in the same room. We often get together spontaneously. To do this, we simply use Google Hangouts, for all those who have the inclination and time to work together. If you want to have your peace of mind or take a call, just go out again – quite uncomplicated.


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