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<div>Sweat Pants Agency is hiring an ambitious and talented Media Buyer.<br><br>Who is the Sweat Pants Agency?<br><br>We are a fully remote paid acquisition growth agency behind some of the fastest growing subscription and food brands on the planet.<br><br>Our marketing efforts have resulted in plaques and case studies from Facebook, and one of the brands we promoted hit INC #1 for the fastest growing consumer brand in 2020.<br><br>Our team is very selective about the clients we work with -- several names you probably already know.<br><br>We do this through a holistic paid acquisition strategy, focusing on growth channels like Facebook, AdWords and Snapchat; while advising our clients on CRO, creative and more.<br><br>Who are we looking for?<br><br>Simply put β€” someone that wants to be the best.<br><br>If you have no desire to be an A player, we have no desire to work with you.<br><br>That doesn’t mean that you need to know everything. Just the desire to always get better.<br><br>You’ll be around an amazing team of people and get a chance to work on / see popular accounts that will elevate you as a media buyer.<br><br>What type of experience do you need?<br><br>We are hiring both juniors and seniors, but we won’t deal with amateurs, inflexible buyers, or people just don’t give a sh*t (seriously, this is important to us).<br><br>Also, you need to have experience managing an e-commerce brand with a budget of at least $1.5k / day.<br><br>We need people that:</div><ul>
<li>have experience managing and growing accounts from scratch</li>
<li>are the quintessential definition of an autodidact. Said differently, if you don’t know how to apply a pixel, you probably should jump on google and learn (not ask someone else to do it)</li>
<li>are problem solvers and enjoy discovering and troubleshooting bottlenecks in a business</li>
</ul><div>If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Sweat Pants Agency, you can apply here:</div>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>

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