Mid/Senior Full Stack Developer


πŸ—Ί NextRetreat is streamlining the process of organising team retreats, offsites & in-person meetups for remote teams.

πŸ›  We've built MVP that helps teams choose the right destination (where everyone can get efficiently), find and book the perfect venue and get expert help with everything else.

We are looking for a full-stack developer to help with:

πŸ“¦ Build new features for single-page application from end-to-end
πŸ’½ Connect Front-end with backend and save the data to the database
✈️ Maintain API that retrieves flight and accommodation data
πŸ§ͺ Research, choose & implement the most suitable travel APIs to expand our inventory
πŸ“ Evaluate functional requirements, prepare technical solutions and estimate effort
πŸ’» Debug and refactor the code, and fix existing bugs
πŸ‘‹ Work in collaboration with CEO & Product Designer


Travel booking site, designed for teams.
πŸŒƒ 6 cities
🌎 4 countries
⌚️ 3 timezones


Asynchronous communication
30 remote teams →
Company retreats
109 remote teams →

Besides organising retreats for other companies, we do annual NextRetreat retreats ourselves.We know how important team retreats are for a company’s culture and bringing your team together. We have years of experience organising travel for teams, automating the most time-consuming parts, and focusing on what matters most.

 This helps us maintain a healthy company culture and this is what we can help you with, too.

Flexible hours
109 remote teams →

You have to be available for 6 hours a day that overlap with others' schedules. But when you work and how much is up to you.

Light meetings
0 remote teams →

1-2 meetings / week. 1 weekly standup and more on ad-hoc asynchronous basis.


Remote work at NextRetreat