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Movatic  – 7mo

<div><strong>QA &amp; Customer Success</strong></div><div><strong>Movatic is looking for a full-time, remote QA &amp; customer success role to become a key part of our small, but growing team. </strong></div><div><br></div><div><strong>About us:</strong></div><div>Movatic is a rapidly growing startup that is all about making shared and on-demand mobility easy and accessible. Our platform enables users to rent bikes, scooters, and bike parking. Movatic powers 300+ systems across the world with some of the largest brands like Gotcha Mobility and Frog Scooters on our platform. We believe in a culture of collaboration, hard work, and work-life balance to maximize speed and productivity. </div><div><br></div><div><strong>About you:</strong></div><div>You always exceed expectations and are now looking for an opportunity that will challenge you, allow you to grow and make an impact. You are very detailed oriented and love to organize things. You have a need to make sure things work, and simply put are a perfectionist. You are technically minded and are the person your friends turn to explain tech to them. You feel comfortable breaking down and explaining complicated concepts.  For you, working on something that is challenging and important with other smart, dedicated people is a must. A perfect role would be on in which your responsibilities would grow and expand over time. </div><div><br></div><div><strong>Your qualifications:</strong></div><ul>
<li>Highly motivated and organized</li>
<li>Details oriented with a strong ability to find issues and document them</li>
<li>Strong English writing and verbal communication skills</li>
<li>A basic understanding of SQL is a plus</li>
<li>Desire to work remote on a small team</li>
<br><strong>How to Apply</strong>
</div><div>If you are ready to be part of something special please apply with the following to</div><ol>
<li>Why you would be a great and someone that we should extend a first round interview to. </li>
<li>A link to a google doc of 5 or more of the bugs you can find with the Movatic app or one of our branded apps. </li>
<li>A simple explanation of how to rent using the Movatic app. </li>
<li>Your resume or portfolio. </li>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>


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