QA Engineer

Deep Consulting Solutions $30k-70k

Our Global Software Team is looking for QA Engineers to ensure the delivery of flawless and effective systems that will run our clients' business operations.


  • Experience with testing both front end and back end
  • Familiarity with API testing;
  • Understanding of the software development process;
  • Excellent organization, focus on detail and quality;
  • Good communication, logical & analytical mind, problem solving aptitude;


⌚️ Flexible hours
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You can work from anywhere and at a time that best suits your preferences provided that you can deliver results. There isn't a 9-6 or any other hourly schedule in place and there are no time logs made.

There also do not exist any time-wasting activities and everybody's time is respected. That being said, the amount of work that you'll need to put in to get results will by all means make this a full time job and require a full time professional commitment from you.



Deep Consulting Solutions's remote company is headquartered in Austin, United States

Remote team in 10 cities and 7 countries

Deep Consulting Solutions is working remotely from 10 cities like Texas City, Turkey and Nigeria across 7 countries like Russia, United Kingdom and Turkey with the average temperature of -1°C.

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