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OnTheGoSystems  β€“ 6mo

<div>OnTheGoSystems is looking for a tester for a system that includes a Web app, Android application and a Node server.<br><br>
</div><div>As a QA Tester, you will be a part of our development team. Our developers test their own code, but you will run much deeper tests on multiple environments and scenarios. Your job will be to make sure that our clients enjoy a stable and polished system.Β <br><br>
</div><div>We all work remotely, with the entire team in Europe. So, we are seeking someone willing to work during European, the Middle East or African working hours.<br><br>
<strong>Skills required:<br></strong><br>
<li>Proven experience in manual testing</li>
<li>Strong debugging skills (JavaScript, browser console, Node, Android logs)</li>
<li>Good analytical skills and capacity to break down bigger testing projects/requirements into smaller blocks</li>
<li>Have a good eye for cosmetics, a strong sense of how things look</li>
<li>Have a good level of spoken and written English</li>
</ul><div>Besides being really smart and having strong attention to detail, you need to be a very good team player.<br><br>
<strong>Part of your responsibilities will be:<br></strong><br>
<li>Functionality testing of new and existing features and components within the project.</li>
<li>Regression testing and rechecks of changes and bug-fixes.</li>
<li>Smoke testing when required</li>
<li>Reporting issues in great detail in our issue tracking system</li>
<li>Help to build up new QA processes to improve workflow.</li>
<li>Approach the project from the user’s point of view and report possible issues or suggestions</li>
<strong>Bonus skills:<br></strong><br>
<li>Experience with stress and performance testingΒ </li>
<li>Experience with Continuous Integration/Deployment systems (e.g., Bitrise, GitLab CI)</li>
<li>Experience with test automation tools</li>
<li>Previous experience with Git</li>
</ul><div>This is a 100% remote position, which means that the ideal candidate has a proven track record of being disciplined, focused and organized, in order to be successful.<br><br>
</div><div>Other benefits of joining our Company:<br><br>
<li>Be part of a team of smart, creative, and like-minded individuals</li>
<li>Work on exciting, high-impact projects</li>
<li>Get a full-time and steady position</li>
<li>Have the freedom to create and implement innovative ideas</li>
<li>Meet and collaborate with team members across the globe</li>
<li>Get great perks, including paid vacation, scholarship program, personal Kindle with an extensive library, home office set-up allowance, and more…</li>
<br>This candidate will be working on our project called Embrazo, a social network based on real-world interaction. We help people get together in the real world using an online system and app.<br><br>
<br>If you’re interested in joining us, please apply.</div><div><br></div>

<p><strong>To apply:</strong> <a href=""></a>


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