Senior Backend Engineer Fully remote Product


Weโ€™re hiring a Senior Backend Engineer to become a key team member that helps fuel our growth and build a product companies love to use.


  • You should know AWS, including: API Gateway, CloudFront, CodeBuild, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Kinesis, Lamba, RDS, S3.
  • Youโ€™ve got 5 years of experience with: Chalice, Elasticsearch, Flask, Python, PostgreSQL, SQL, Redis, Serverless.
  • Bonus Tech Qualifications: Extensive experience working with APIs, Docker, Go, JavaScript, Kubernetes, React, SSR, previous remote working experience.

Tools used for remote work

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Remote team in 9 cities and 7 countries

FYI is working remotely from 9 cities like Des Moines, Aydฤฑn and Porto across 7 countries like India, United States and Australia with the average temperature of 15ยฐC.

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