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Asynchronous communication
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Working async provides us with more flexibility, and makes everyone owner of their time and work. Still, we are humans at work. We believe in real life interactions, 1:1 video calls, ideation meetings are all crucial to building trusting, long lasting relationships.

Company retreats
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We see each other 3+ times a year. Some see remote as a cold way of working. Not us. We foster strong human relationships through weekly rituals and gathering at least three times a year. Offslites allow everyone to gain ownership on what's next and build stronger human connection.

Flexible hours
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We prefer to let YOU decide when is the best time to start your working hours. Check out this article:

Open source
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Open communication
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Documented and shared information gives our team transparency around everything that matters: projects status, company strategy, weekly updates etc.

Slite, our main work tool, enables this and we expect everyone on the team to keep themselves updated and challenge each other as much as possible. This is how we’re able to drive Slite’s journey forward.

Pair programming
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