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Asynchronous communication
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Not everyone is at their peak productivity from 9am to 5pm. Other than during meetings, your time is yours. If you would rather work at night than during the day, that’s your prerogative.

Company retreats
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Our team retreats are for team bonding. So far, we’ve been getting together every 3-4 months. We pick a destination and all fly over to hang out for a weekβ€”all expenses paid. Our retreats so far have been to Lisbon, Split, and Denver.

Good things happen when you have great people all together in a new city. It’s by meeting in person that we really see how well we get along and learn about each other outside of work.

Daily standups
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Post what you're working on to the daily #standup channel thread in Slack.

Pair programming
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We have quarterly offsites where the whole team meets up in person. We typically only pair program during these offsites.

Continuous delivery
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We use CircleCI to run our extensive linting + unit tests before any PR can be merged into master.

Flexible hours
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Many people have kids and errands to take care of. Remote work means you take back ownership of your schedule. If you need to need to go walk the dog, go for it!

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