How to stand out when applying for a remote job?

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Make sure to inform yourself about what the company does, and come prepared with some knowledge about the company. When we see an application is not just something massive that was copy-pasted but that the candidate took the time to customize the application for the specific role our company offers, the candidate will surely stand out. Also, make sure to communicate very well in both written and spoken, as communication is key in remote work.

November 1, 2019


We believe that people, not products, make the difference.
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This can be challenging when candidates from all over the world are applying, but generally speaking, most of the applications we receive are very low quality. Focusing on crafting a high-quality application that has an organized resume, thoughtful responses, and demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in joining Doist.

In fact, we've written an entire article about the biggest mistakes people make when applying for remote jobs and how to avoid them:

August 16, 2019


Building the future we want to work in
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One of the biggest things candidates can do to stand out is to write a concise and professional cover letter that clearly communicates how they meet the requirements we've included in the job listing (or how they don't meet them and why that's ok).

This one simple act does so many things. It demonstrates that you're a strong writer, it allows you to convey some personality, it shows that you pay attention to detail, it shows that you cared enough about the job to write a custom cover letter just for us, and it allows us to quickly identify whether or not you're qualified for the role.

February 10, 2020


Managed WordPress Hosting
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Analyze the company and bring to the table something that the interviewer doesn't know to impress them. I.E. If you're applying for an SEO position you should know their top competitors.

February 10, 2020

Time Doctor

Productivity for Remote Teams
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A short video works well, showing things you've done yourself and outside of work helps a lot. Having interesting hobbies as well is a great way to show character.

February 14, 2020


The fastest route to scholarships
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You definitely need to stand out if you are serious about joining the team. There are so many people applying for remote jobs. But, as I've learned from remote company managers, most applicants are very general – they have not researched the company. Show you genuine interest and it will be noticed. Also, you most likely won't get the first remote job you apply to. Apply again. And then again until you get a remote job. I guess persistance is the key! Like with lots of stuff in life.

October 9, 2019


Find your next remote team to join
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Answer all the questions in the application, say why you are applying to us specifically

August 14, 2019


Insurance for Nomads
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Read the job description, ensure you mostly qualify. That will propel you to the top 10% candidates, no kidding.

November 28, 2019

Hexagonal Consulting

Company of experts in Faveod
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Give examples of work you have done without supervision. Explain clearly your thought process when you have challenges working on projects and how would you tackle it. Show that you don't need handholding but that you are confident and capable to get things done as expected or being proactive when there are any issues.

February 13, 2020

GroWrk Remote

All the amenities your remote team needs - on demand.
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The video intro is definitely a way to stand out, and not many people take that route (even if you suggest it). Additionally, highlighting your previous experience working remotely is always a plus.

Sometimes, to evaluate whether a candidate is a good fit for a remote role, it helps to meet them in person. For our remote roles, we have been able to meet the candidates in person, and that helps a lot to evaluate the possible dynamics between them and the rest of the team.

August 7, 2019


Easy SEO Tools
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If you want to work with us, all we want to see is a message from you. Please don’t send a resume. Instead, tell us who you are. Show us relevant things you’ve done that you’re excited about.

What we look for in a teammate is someone who’s thoughtful, skillful, and enjoyable to work with. Every person we hire is someone we see ourselves working with for the long run.

November 14, 2019


Building an open creative movement.
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Know how to tell a story that highlights the best of you. Think STAR.


December 21, 2019

Rovira Business Services, LLC

Project Management (Remote)
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