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We try to get together as a whole company every 9 months or so to meet in person, build community, and get some work done! Since our team is distributed all over the globe, we try to plan a different location for each GitLab Contribute.

On a more regular basis, many of our team members who are located near each other will come together for coworking days.

We also have a visiting grant to support team members who want to travel to visit one another.

August 21, 2019


The first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle
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πŸ€“ 501+ members

We have two annual offsites: one with the whole company and one with your team.

The main objective of the whole company offsite is for us to connect and bond in person. Each year we choose a new global destination - often somewhere where we can explore an innovative payment system. For example, in 2018 we went to Kenya and had a special activity using M-Pesa, a mobile money service.

The purpose of the team offsite is to review the past year, plan for the next year, and work as a team in person. The locations of the team offsites also change every year, and each team goes somewhere different.

January 10, 2020


A safe and global way to use your money
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πŸ€“ 201-500 members

Yes, we meet in person to work together once a year, or whenever we can. Our first event was in Malaga in 2013, and then we met in Tenerife, Porto, Cyprus, and Split. We don’t know yet when or where our next event will take place. You can check out this blog post about our most recent event in 2017 in Split, Croatia. Also, smaller groups meet in WordCamps, especially WordCamp Europe.

November 1, 2019


We believe that people, not products, make the difference.
πŸ™ 77 locations
🌎 41 countries
πŸ€“ 51-200 members

Yes! We have an annual, all-inclusive, company retreat to get the whole team together for a week for work and relationship-building. We've also started having mini-retreats where individual teams will get together for a week to realign on goals and spend time together.

August 16, 2019


Building the future we want to work in
πŸ™ 53 locations
🌎 27 countries
πŸ€“ 51-200 members

Yes! We have a weeklong get together on an annual basis and we try to get our entire team to attend. We do also have other smaller meetups from time to time when some of our team members participate in an event like a conference.

February 10, 2020


Managed WordPress Hosting
πŸ™ 44 locations
🌎 21 countries
πŸ€“ 51-200 members

Yes, once a year we do a company retreat, we also do smaller team/department retreats.

February 10, 2020

Time Doctor

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I meet myself every single day! In front of a mirror!

October 9, 2019


Find your next remote team to join
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🌎 9 countries
πŸ€“ 1-10 members

We meet up at least twice a year to have some quality face-to-face time, get to know each other better and make memories.

August 21, 2019

Toggl Plan

Beautifully simple planning
πŸ™ 10 locations
🌎 10 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members

Yes, 3-4 times per year we have a team gathering

August 14, 2019


Insurance for Nomads
πŸ™ 9 locations
🌎 7 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members

We do meet in person as a team at least 4 times a year, and team members meet among themselves often if they're in the same city. All these in-person meetings are critical for team building, camaraderie, and we always notice how well meetings flow during and after these get togethers.

August 15, 2019


Easy SEO Tools
πŸ™ 6 locations
🌎 3 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members

We try to organize company retreats once a year as it's one of the rare times we get to be with each other in person

Why we do retreats:
πŸ•ΊWe get to know each other better beyond work.
πŸ‘‹ People who don’t work together as often get to spend more time together.
🌲 Change of scenery refreshes mindset and thinking. Slow down to go fast.
πŸ’‘ Makes time to reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing.

November 7, 2019


Building an open creative movement.
πŸ™ 5 locations
🌎 5 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members

Yes. Quarterly company meetings plus team meetups as required.

December 16, 2019

Quality Compliance Systems

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πŸ™ 1 locations
🌎 1 countries
πŸ€“ 51-200 members